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Oral Surgery Courses UK is headed up by Richard Moore, a Consultant Oral Surgeon registered on the Oral Surgery GDC specialist list. 


With over 20 years of experience he is abre able to deliver the most up to date evidence based teaching via a blended learning approach. 


We offer a variety of different learning opportunities at Oral Surgery Courses UK and these have developed for early career grade clinicians, primary care practitioners with an interest in oral surgery through to those in specialist training or those with advanced skills. Additionally we are delig.hted to be able to offer courses for Dental Care Professionals (DCPs).


Flexible learning is essential for delegates allowing you to study from the comfort of your own environment and reducing costs such as travel and time away from work.


Webinars are live and interactive through our digital platform, allowing delegates all over the world to join and enhance their learning. Our learning forums allow discussions and sharing of information to continue in parallel to the live teaching.


Enrolment on all courses allows delegates access to our digital learning platform. Our digital platform has access to the most up to date learning materials and peer reviewed journal articles. 

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