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Damian, GDP Leicestershire

"Couldn't recommend Richard more highly. After a 5 day course which was full of all the relevant information needed for general practice and packed with useful clinical tips, I went from referring out all my 8's to now accepting referrals. Additionally, always happy to offer advice with cases and keeps the group up to date with new guidelines and research"

Dr El Chafei, Hampton House Dental

I attended the Oral Surgery course where Richard taught me. I really enjoyed his teaching, he is very knowledgeable and has a very friendly approach. His course has changed my work in such a positive way. I have been able to apply the surgical skills and tips I learnt with great results almost immediately.

After the course he set up a WhatsApp group where he stays approachable and answers any of our queries almost immediately.

Dr April Fineberg, London

The Oral Surgery course run by Richard that I completed was highly informative and interactive. Richard is able to create a relaxed and professional atmosphere which encourages everyone to take part and share their knowledge and experiences.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and left with greater confidence and support. I would recommend an Oral Surgery course to anyone that wants to learn and improve skills.

Dr Nicola O'Kane


Judith was an excellent mentor, with a wealth of knowledge and experience which was imparted to us during her lectures and clinical teaching sessions. She was very patient and keen to help during practical sessions, giving invaluable and useful hints and tips that we could carry through to our clinical practice.

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